Love, admiration and respect for the visual arts have formed my life as long as I can remember. They motivated me to devote my life to art, its limitless challenges, variety of expressions, its magical qualities and its ability to elicit deep emotional and intellectual responses.

     I have been influenced by the Abstract Expressionists rather than by the representational art. In my wok I combine the physicality of a material, glass, with the emotional capacity of color. The way in which my work is accomplished, first the communal group effort to blow and form my large fluid glass sculptures with a talented and experienced team, and subsequently alone ane solitary in my studio, can be taken as a metaphor for my relationship with people, nature and contemporary life and the world.

     I think of myself, first and foremost, as a painter on glass, the colors express love , sex, pain and joy. Different emotions are expressed in the combinations of colors. Their relative weight and importance respond to emotions of that time and place.

     By assembling the pieces, after the sculptures were broken in shards, reassembled and painted, they suddenly become light sculptures, capturing, reflecting and refracting sun light. Changing character from morning to evening sun they develop an inner life almost independent of its maker, playing with and sometimes questioning my intentions.